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Some great games were played on 26 June 2024

There was a a couple of great games played on 26 June 2024

Pierre Rossouw played Craig Davids. The score was 15 /13 in the 5th to Pierre and what two gentleman.

Doug van Baalen played Mike Solomon. Mike won in the 5th...a revenge match!

Eddie Assad and Werner Grobler. Eddie had a tough battle,  took it in the 5th

Premier Fitness League Fixtures & Results

Round 2
Round 1

Round 3
Round 2
Round 1

Round 2
Round 1 


Randburg Squash Club is at cross-roads in terms of its members.

We have a well-established core of 500 members, served by 8 courts. However, the average age of members is in the mid-forties.  

New drive to promote health & fitness.
For this reason, we’re seeking to encourage a new cross section of up-and-coming players to join. This is now even more important since the announcement that Squash will be featured at the Los Angeles Olympic games in 2028.
Here are some of strategies to inspire and support young squash players:
• Ensure that young players have access to squash courts, equipment, and coaching. Partner with local clubs, schools, universities, or community centres to create opportunities for them to play and practice.
• High-quality coaching is essential for skill development. Encourage young players to work with experienced coaches who can guide them in technique, strategy, and physical conditioning. Mentoring programs are also beneficial, where experienced players support and inspire newcomers.
• Create youth-specific programs and events to make squash more appealing to younger players.
• Organise squash tournaments or leagues to provide young players with opportunities to compete in a friendly and supportive environment. To this end we’ve established an internal ‘Premier League’ consisting of 3 rounds, played every Thursday night over the duration of 10 months. The league caters for more than 60 players, 10 teams of 6-7 members each. This targets those players already recognised as Gauteng (Joburg) Squash 1st, reserve & 2nd League standard. The lower level caters for a mix of ‘old hands’ and new & up-and-coming young players. We have several top young Wits University students’ players participating who are players of colour. The ‘Premier League’ will help them gauge their progress.
• Offer membership and/ or financial assistance to talented young players who may face financial barriers to participation. This will help ensure that the sport remains inclusive and accessible.
• Create a culture of sportsmanship, respect, and fair play. Encourage young players to support and uplift each other rather than focusing solely on winning. Promote the values of hard work and perseverance.
• We use social media and other promotional platforms to showcase the achievements and stories of young squash players. Highlight their dedication and successes to inspire others.
• Showcase successful young squash players as role models for aspiring squash players. Their stories serve as motivation for others and demonstrate that squash can lead to exciting opportunities and accomplishments.
• Incorporate variety into training routines to prevent burnout and maintain interest.
• Create a supportive and tight-knit squash community where young players feel welcomed and encouraged.
We are encouraging young, up-and-coming players to participate and play squash since it is a fantastic way to promote the sport and nurture future talent.