Box League Fixtures & Results

How does it work

RSC's box league is an internal squash competition that provides structured, regular matches for club members. Here's how it works:

  1. Formation of Boxes: Players are grouped into boxes of based on their skill levels.
  2. Box composition: Each box normally consists of 5 players
  3. Match Scheduling: Each player arranges matches with others in their box, allowing flexibility to fit games into their own timetables.
  4. Scoring and Ranking: Points are earned based on match results, typically awarded for wins and additional points for games won.
  5. Promotion and Relegation: At the end of the period (usually a month), 2 top players are promoted to a higher box, while bottom 2 players are relegated. This ensures players consistently compete against similarly skilled opponents.

What's in it for me?
  • Skill Development: Facing diverse opponents helps players improve and adapt to different playing styles.
  • Increased Competition: Motivates players to achieve better results and maintain a high standard of play.
  • More Games: Players are guaranteed a set number of matches, maximizing value from their club membership.